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June 5th 2024


We're thrilled to introduce Brimble, your go-to cloud platform for effortlessly deploying JavaScript applications. Built with developers in mind, Brimble empowers you to focus on what you do best β€” building amazing web experiences β€” while we take care of the hosting.


Brimble provides wide range of amazing features

  • Little to Zero-config: Brimble is able to detect any framework configuration giving it easy deployment.

  • Automatic Deploys: Push your code to GitHub and enjoy automatic seamless update, with zero downtime.

  • Domain: Easily connect and manage your domains and DNS records on Brimble.

  • Monitoring: Get insight on how your application is running and performing.

  • Third party integrations: Connect with your favorite third party services and sync them seamlessly on Brimble with your deployed project, some popular integration like Slack, Onboardbase, Netlify and more.


  • Free Plan: Ideal for small or hobby projects, offering essential features such as support for multiple frameworks, personal Git deployment, live project preview, and more β€” all at no cost.

  • Pro Plan: Unlock additional features including PR preview comments, Brimble Web Analytics, and organization Git deployment for $15.00 per month.

  • Team Plan: Perfect for collaborative teams, with added benefits such as multiple concurrent builds, premium customer support, and flexible pricing options starting at $30.00 per month.

Comparison with Alternatives

While there are several cloud platforms in the market, for a start we want to position Brimble as a good alternative to the existing providers in the space.

However, we pride ourselves on offering more transparent pricing, a stunning DX, robust support for full-stack JavaScript applications.

What's next

We're just getting started, we have a couple of exciting features to rollout in coming months.

Stay update to date with our product roadmap, as we plan on making it public.